Regine Stephanie Borja Guevara


Regine is a young, woman, philanthropist and practitioner for cultural diplomacy, urban sustainability, peace and development, especially as it concerns the ASEAN and wider Asia region. 

As a researcher, Ms. Guevara wrote her first paper on Islamic Banking in the ASEAN region for the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, as a young fellow of the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation.  Afterwards, she completed a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution from Brandeis University, and the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School. Owing to her multi-cultural Jewish heritage and studies in the Arabic and Hebrew languages, she did her practicum with the Abraham Fund Foundation in Jerusalem, while following parliamentary lobbies at the Knesset Parliament. She has since published on Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, and Zilzar Life for Muslim Millennials. In October 2018, she was featured in Lifestyle Asia’s section “24 hour woman.” 

Professionally, Regine has worked as a Communications Consultant for the USAID-ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme, United Nations Women, United Nations Habitat as well as UNESCO. She is also a member of various international business and charity organizations such as the Philippine-Russia Business Assembly, Philippine-Russia Friendship Society, and Friends for Leadership. Today, she is Trustee of the Guevara Foundation, through which she manages cultural diplomacy and urban sustainability projects, with several UN and intergovernmental partners. She is Producer of AsiaTV and Global South Radio, as well as Founder of SDG Builders Group.

Currently, she was appointed by the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation Secretariat in Malaysia and Chairperson in Thailand, to convene volunteers, and represent youth organizations at the UN Interagency Network on Youth Development, UN Major Group for Children and Youth, Global Coalition in Youth, Peace, Security, and Asia Pacific Interagency Network on Youth. During this time, she organized several movements such as ASEAN Youth DRR Network and Asian Youth Peace Network.