22nd August 2015

ASEAN Youth Debate (AYD): Rising Cost of Living

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC), Malaysia Youth Council (MBM) and International Youth Centre (IYC), in collaboration with The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia organized ASEAN Youth Debate on Rising Cost of Living. 40 youth from ASEAN countries attended the program.

Mr. Mohammad Rizan Hassan, Head of Information MBM act as a moderator and Mr. Khairul Anwar El Syazalli Musa, Chairman, Consumer Movement Silver is present as the program panel.

Among the issues raised is on job opportunities in Malaysia and ASEAN. Besides discussions on the burden of the cost of living compared between ASEAN countries. There is no doubt that the cause of increased living costs as competition for jobs in their own country, among Malaysians competing with foreign workers in their own land. Thus, large companies are more interested with foreign workers because the costs much cheaper than the local worker.

In addition, participants also shared the opinion that youth or anyone else should have to look for opportunities because there are too many opportunities out there, but to all the youth only expect this to be provided by the government while there should be initiatives to generate additional income or find a job with costs more lucrative salary.