9th October 2014

The 19th Committee For Asean Youth Cooperation (CAYC) Management Meeting

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) has been established since September 1975 in Jakarta. It was the strong determination on the part of ASEAN youth to render their contribution to the tasks of ASEAN building that culminates in the formation of CAYC.

It was envisaged that CAYC play a leading role in establishing a firm foundation for common action to promote regional cooperation and understanding, sense of belonging to ASEAN society, equality and justice among youth and youth organization in the region.

As we are nearing to the year 2015 in realising ASEAN Community 2015, CAYC look forward for continuous support in harnessing regionalism spirit and togetherness among our youth, CAYC have organized and planned future program to support in realizing the ASEAN Community.

CAYC look forward to build up “CAYC Work Plan 2015 – 2020” and to be in line with the ASEAN Socio-Culture Community (ASCC) blueprint. Youth participation and representation are indeed vital in ensuring the achievement of objective and realization of ASEAN Community.

With strong support from SOMY in uplifting regionalism, either in spirit, programs and it will go a long way with the openness and readiness from each of us.