Campaign Title: The Search for ASEAN’s Next Peace Vlogger

In commemoration of AYAN’s ASEAN Youth Human Rights and Peace Camp and International Women’s Day

Campaign Dates : February 21 – March 31, 2022

Themes: ASEAN Culture of Peace, Youth Peace Security and Women Peace Security

With over 60% of the world’s youth living in the region, Asian youth are largely reflective of present realities on the ground. Youth as an intersection in itself plays a key role in the nexus of sustainable development. Without over-simplifying or generalizing the double marginalization that young women face, allies of the Women Peace Security and Youth Peace Security alike are called to no longer work in silos. Indeed, in many societies and families, young women are the last to eat, to speak, to receive education. In conflict-affected situations, the risks are aggravated.

Nothing about us without all of us… Join us in making regional peace and security the next generation’s TREND. With social media and our gadgets, we can altogether help raise public awareness on the agency of youth and women, through our joint creative forces, towards a diverse and inclusive ASEAN.


● IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, MALE OR FEMALE…. JOIN US! We call upon poets, painters, songwriters, dancers, photographers, and other artists at heart, to takeover social media towards One Peaceful ASEAN! ● Get creative, post 1-minute IG Reels/ Tiktok Videos of a vlog presenting your artwork,  with the hashtags #NextPeaceVlogger. ● In order for the judges to view your online art work, tag @AsiaTVStudios as collaborator.


  1. Be featured as AsiaTV’s paid Youth Content Creator
  2. Free online course (worth $20) The Youth Guide to Asian Leadership
  3. Featured in Women of Substance NFT. Unlock NFT gifts + VIP list, among other exclusive ex-deals await 3 winners!


  1. Fanny Arendt, UN Women Asia Pacific
  2. Bee Zurkiple, Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation
  3. Anna Karina Jardin, Art Dialogo Asia
  4. Rose Smith, A Tribe of Women
  5. Chezka Gonzales, Women of Substance NFT


❖ Relevance to the theme – 40%

  • Is the message on peace clear, and relates to the needs and abilities of women and youth?
  • Does the vlog promote diversity and inclusion in the region?

❖ Art Composition – 40%

  • Does the vlog demonstrate unique artistic talent?
  • Is the artwork original, with use of various creative mediums and expressions?

❖ Shareability – 20%

  • Is the post trending on social media? Does it serve its purpose to engage online viewership