In celebration of International Day of the Girl, the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation joined forces with Majlis Belia Malaysia and UNICEF, with AsiaTV and AfricaTV for the first session of All About Girls. The Artivism Inspirational Talk was led by Xander Pratt and Chezka Gonzales, who recently collaborated for a phygital with New World Exhibition and Women of Substance NFT. The 2 artists and influencers shared their own personal leadership journeys, and left pieces of advice for the audience of young girls from around the region. Partners have included Soroptimist Clubs and Girls Got This. This marks the first of many campus tours and artist residencies for young creatives.

Call for Entries : Asia Africa SDG E-Museum 

Creative Industries have always been at the forefront of the Sustainable Development Agenda. While the world is witnessing a dramatic increase in access to information and emerging platforms of multimedia, the intersections of art and technology, have been perceived strongly in addressing the Global Goals for people, planet, profit, peace and partnerships.  Next generation content creators from Asia and Africa take inspiration from the Museum of Asian-African Conference through the very first virtual SDG e-museum. If there is a future – we need to communicate together:

ASEAN countries are among the most supportive to creative industries, realising that these can foster: “income generation, job creation and export earnings while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development (UNCTAD, 2010).” Generating US$4.2 B and 547,500 jobs, the rapidly growing sector  is on the verge of becoming one of the major drivers of the sustainable development and economic growth in Africa. While the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in loss of livelihoods and income, it has inspired communities to come together, rebuild, co-create and organize, in more creative, inclusive and innovative ways than ever.