Last 5-7 November 2021, the ASEAN Youth ConnectMFLS 2021 organised by iLEAD, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia together with Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation comes with the theme of Young People’s Dreams: Building the Future. The 4 streams, opened space for the narrative and voice of the youth in re-imagining the future with strategic action. ASEAN Youth ConnectMFLS 2021 is a legacy to develop Intellectuals in Developing Societies (Alatas, 1977) based on the Pedagogy of Hope (Freire, 1999). It will be online completely aligned with the new norms by highlighting four key youth issues namely;

  • a. Topic 1: Economy & Youth Employment, Re-imagine work in the future
    b. Topic 2: Education, Re-imagine education for future and
    c. Topic 3: Leadership & Volunteerism, Re-imagine leadership &
    volunteerism in the future

The Treasure Hunt : ASEAN Cultural Heritage Hunt
The treasure hunt, virtual hunting experience (we will choose 1 ASEAN City, 1 road
(approx. 1.0km) and we will explore the building nearby and solve the questions given in
new way to explore the ASEAN Cities.

The Presentation/ Group Project Recommendation
All Participants required to team up in smaller group/working group to come up with
solution or recommendation trough a group project that is viable and measurable
related to the 3 Topic (may combine if necessary). Each ASEAN Member States are expected to disseminate to relevant youth group/young people (18-25 years old: students, young leaders, young professionals).