Southeast Asia has been home to multi-lingual, inter-faith, and diverse identities, which were shaped by centuries of trade routes and political exchanges between neighbours and with the rest of the world. had borne witness not only to the richness of its shared historicities but to the continuous pursuit of regional co-existence. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations since its inception is emerging to be at the prime of international discourse, as it positions itself as an economic powerhouse with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, while at the same time confronting new and varying forms of transnational security.

The 75th Anniversary of the UN, and end of World War II, marks a historical occasion for freedom, peace and security. Forged by the friendship and solidarity of our founders, the region’s next generation of  public servants and peacebuilders play a crucial role in shaping the region we want. We welcome spaces offered by the ASEAN-IPR, through the ASEAN Youth Declaration on Peace and Tolerance, as well as ASEAN Economic and Socio-Cultural Pillars, through the ASEAN Youth Network on DRR and ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Forum. We also seek to  deeply reflect  on the lived realities behind UN Security Council Resolution 2535 Youth Peace Security and its emphasis on civic space in sustaining peace.


ASEAN+ Youth Meeting on Peace and Security 2021

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2021 YPS Consultation

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ASEAN+ Youth Meeting on Peace and Security 2020

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Youth Peace Security for Young Public Servants

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International Peace Day-UN75

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The Future of Tourism and Culture of Peace in ASEAN+

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